A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rush, crush and brush your way past obstacles and the 7 sea's finest in a race to the finish.

Hidden to the human world, there are 7 underwater societies. From kingdoms to governments to clans, they thrive and are not too different to mankind. Like them, they come together to compete every year, bringing the best of the best from all over the world. This olympic event has the competitors travel through every kingdom, each holding a different challenge. The games audience starts at the last event taking in the kingdom of Kaimana, hosting the freestyle race. The race marks the ending of the event and combination of the different challenges. Winner not only gains recognition and wealth, they are bestowed the chance to go to the surface if they wish.

Aqua Allstars has actually come a long way. The story and it's characters have come through several changes, just to fit the different settings. When I first started, I had wanted it to be a kind of Gold Rush type game. Like a cartoony cowboys vs indians, so I called it Rush Crush. The only character that didn't completely change from the revision is Jaja, a cavewoman type. She was literally just given a tail. It was funny because I just really wanted her in the game, I'm proud of her character. Thanks to an accident in Unity where my environment became an underwater track, I was too lazy to fix it so i changed my story instead. The desert track became an underwater battle arena and I worked around it, turning it into Aqua Allstars. In all honesty, I liked Rush Crush better but I can this is fine too.

Published Mar 31, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS


AquaAllstars.exe 16 MB
AquaAllstars3.app.zip 19 MB